Brendan Works, LLC. (BDW) is a small minority owned iron works firm headquartered in Temple Hills, Maryland. BDW was incorporated in Maryland in 2009, and is also licensed in Virginia and in the District of Columbia.

BDW employs talented ironworkers and certified construction engineers dedicated to satisfying our customer’s requirement for solutions to their designed-based needs. BDW specializes in miscellaneous metals, decorative design as well as stairways and rails.


Our Services

  • Fabricate and install small structural steel 
  • Fabricate hand rails and canopies
  • Erect steel frames
  • Direct operation of cranes to move structural steel
  • Connect steel columns, beams and girders
  • Unload and stack steel



Additional Services

  • Provide week of embed fabrication
  • Install monumental stairs, egress stairs and elevator divider beams
  • Fit and install CMU clips, stainless steel cladding
  • Emergency rail repair
  • Supply and install pipe protectors, steel angle floor supports and security gates/doors
  • Install ADA rails
  • Install stainless steel glass shoes
  • Supply and install stainless steel angle to support all entranceway mats
  • Install Plexi glass door covers
  • Install ornamental anodized glass rails
  • Fit and install steel cladding and canopies
  • Supply and install fences, security guards for windows and ADA rails for stairs and walkways
  • Build and install air condition unit security systems